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Image depicting Firefighters rescues the pet turtle

Firefighters rescues and reunite pet turtle with owner


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Firefighters rescues and reunite the pet turtle with owner

We have seen fish as a pet, right? But, have you seen a pet turtle?

Recently, in Australia, a young boy’s pet turtle fell from the balcony of the boy’s house. The boy’s house was on the second floor, and the pet turtle fell on the first floor.

The turtle remained stuck on the balcony on the first floor as it couldn’t contact the people of the house.

Boy’s attempt to save the turtle

Upon learning of the turtle’s fall, the young boy contacted Fire and Rescue NSW(FRNSW) for the rescue of his pet turtle.

The members of FRNSW readily agreed to help the boy. They used the ladder to reach the first-floor balcony where the turtle was stuck.

The turtle is now reunited with its owner. The firefighters’ member said that we are ready for anything, be it housefires or reuniting the owner with their pet.

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