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image depicting Germany unveils world's first driverless train

Germany unveils world’s first driverless train

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On 11 October, German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and the Siemens company unveiled the world’s first driverless train. They unveiled (showed) the automated train in the city of Hamburg in Germany.

The rail operator said that this driverless train is more punctual and energy-efficient than traditional trains. It can carry up to 30% more passengers, improve punctuality and save more energy than the trains that exist now.

Moreover, from December 2021, there will be four more such trains. They will join Hamburg’s S-Bahn rapid urban rail network which carries passengers.

The project is part of a 60 million euro (US$70 million) modernisation of Hamburg’s rapid urban rail system.

Other cities like Paris in France also have driverless metros. But these trains run on their own tracks. On the other hand, this new driverless train will share tracks with other regular trains. But for safety’s sake, there will be a driver present to oversee the trips,

The train system in Germany

The passenger train system in Germany is known for being efficient, safe and punctual. Deutsche Bahn is one of the main operators of the train system.


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