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Image depicting Goa Liberation Day - 19th December

Goa Liberation Day – 19th December

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Goa Liberation Day is celebrated on 19th December.

We all love Goa. The place is so inviting for its lovely beaches and its mixed culture. Did you know Goa got freedom from Portuguese rule after an extended freedom movement and Army operations in 1961?

How did Goa get freedom?

After the British left India (in 1947), Goa remained the only region in  India under foreign rule. Despite frequent requests and delegations from the Indian government, the Portuguese were not ready to free Goa.


Operation Vijay

Towards the end of the year 1961, the Indian government deployed armed forces in Goa. The Indian Army conquered Goa on December 17, 1961, through an army operation called “Operation Vijay”.

On 18 December, Portuguese Governor General Vassalo da Silva gave independence to Goa.

On December 19th, 1961, India declared Goa as a part of Independent India.



How is Goa Liberation day celebrated?

The major celebration is a torchlight parade that is conducted from three different places of Goa. These three parades eventually gather at the Azad Maidan, where they pay homage to the freedom fighters. Cultural programs are also organised during this occasion.

In 2021, as Goa celebrates its 60th Liberation Day, PM Modi is in Goa.

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