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Image depicting Greenland sharks - Long live the toxic bunch!

Greenland sharks – Long live the toxic bunch!


Recommended for Secondary Grades

Greenland sharks – Long live the toxic bunch!

Sundays = Fundays

I hope our readers are doing well, it’s bright, sunny and cool-windy as I see. Sunday’s a day to relax and re-energise our minds. The festival of “Makar-Sankranti” or “Flying Kites” is just around the corner. I can hear the whistling sounds as the kites over my head sink and swim in the air. But the story I have for your little ones is about “Sharks”.


Does the word “Sharks, arise feelings of nervousness, fear and danger in your minds? Or, you have no clue what I am talking about? Ok, if you are brave enough and someday dive deep into the ocean, you might come across sharks – they are part of our oceanic wonderland.

Let’s get some things clear, they are misunderstood and a lack of awareness leads to fear. Firstly, they aren’t always hungry meat-eaters looking to hunt and dig their sharp teeth into human skin. Secondly, sharks are really scared of dolphins! Can you believe that? Look at this cutie pie!

Image depicting Dolphin

Greenland Sharks

The shark species that I am talking about – live the longest (250 to 500 years), are found in Greenland or deep cold oceanic waters of Arctic or Atlantic oceans, grow up to 20 feet (that’s big!). Their skin colour is a mixture of black, brown and grey – that might look a little creepy. But hold one, they can’t swim as fast as Michael Phelps and tend to have a slow and easy pace.

Unfriendly parasites

Some parasites in the ocean aren’t friendly towards Greenland Sharks and attach themselves to the shark’s eyes and render them half-blind. Eew! who even does that these days?

Curious Time at your service

Well, for most of us sitting in our homes and passing through Sundays, the least we can do is check out the video below. You don’t need to book tickets and fly all the way to Greenland to check them out. At Curious Times we serve you instant knowledge, freshly baked right off the oven!

Do check out this short 3-minute video of a 512-year-old Greenland shark posted by Youtube user “Wonder World”.


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