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Image depicting How Isha Ambani is breaking the bias at Reliance!

How Isha Ambani is breaking the bias at Reliance!


Recommended for Preparatory Grades

Greetings, relentless seeker of wisdom! Guess what? Something super exciting is happening at Reliance, a big and valuable company in India. Mukesh Ambani, the boss of the company, is making some changes and giving important roles to his three children. It’s like a family business adventure!

Family Empowerment

  • First, let me tell you about Mukesh Ambani’s kids. His youngest son, Anant, is going to handle the energy part of the business. That means he’ll be in charge of all things related to power and electricity. How cool is that?
  • Now, Akash and Isha Ambani, the older siblings, have their own special roles too. Akash will take care of the telecommunications part, which means he’ll be in charge of all the phones and internet stuff. Imagine having control over all the cool gadgets and networks!
  • As for Isha, she’s going to run the retail business. That means she’ll be the boss of all the stores and shops. Just think about it, she gets to decide what things people can buy and where they can buy them. It’s like being the queen of shopping!
  • People are really excited about Isha’s role because it’s different from what other women in her family have done before. She’s part of a new group of women who come from successful business families and have become leaders of their own companies. It’s like breaking new ground and showing that girls can be powerful leaders too!
  • You know what’s really interesting? The change in leadership at Reliance is making people think about how women are becoming more important in the business world. The coronavirus pandemic made rich people in India think about how they want to pass on their wealth to the next generation. They realized that women have a big role to play in planning for the future.
  • Mukesh Ambani thinks his children are super special and talented. They are already doing amazing things at Reliance, and now they have important jobs to do. This change is not just a big deal for their family but also for the whole traditional Gujarati business community. It’s like a strong message that things are changing, and women are getting more opportunities.
  • So, my little friend, remember that girls can be leaders too, just like Isha Ambani. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll become a boss of a big company and do incredible things too! Keep dreaming big and having fun!

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