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Image depicting Oops! China Creates Make-Believe Towns Across Border!

Oops! China Creates Make-Believe Towns Across Border!


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Greetings, young detectives! Agent Curious here, bringing you some intriguing news from the front lines. Today, we have some fascinating information about China’s construction activities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Sources have revealed that China is busily constructing what they call “model villages” just across the LAC. But what’s really going on? Let’s dive into the important details and see if we can crack the case!

Important Details

  • These mysterious “model villages” or ‘Xiaokang’ villages are rapidly popping up in the Middle and Eastern sectors, right opposite the LAC. These villages are known for their multi-storey buildings and can have up to 300-400 houses! It’s like a bustling town appearing out of thin air.
  • As if the model villages weren’t puzzling enough, sources reveal that China is also setting up new security posts about 6 or 7 kilometers away from the LAC in the Middle sector. This means they are expanding their presence closer to the border. What are they up to?
  • Patrolling activity has surged in some areas, catching the attention of our sources. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) patrols are now observed every 15 days or so, compared to just once a season. That’s quite a change! It seems like they’re keeping a closer eye on things.
  • From the intelligence inputs, we can infer that China is on a construction frenzy. They’re building villages, military complexes, and security posts at an astonishing speed. It’s like a race against time. But why are they in such a hurry? Only time will tell.
  • The Middle sector, especially near Barahoti, is a hot spot for these new developments. The Chinese seem particularly interested in this area, given the rapid pace of construction. Something important must be going on there.
  • Although Chinese transgressions in the Middle sector are not new, our sources indicate an increase in the number of PLA troops crossing the border. It seems like they’re testing India’s defenses. Will India be able to protect its borders effectively?


  • While China is busy expanding its infrastructure, India has been working hard too. India has almost matched China’s progress in terms of roads and other infrastructure in the Middle sector. Moreover, the Indian Army has embraced advanced technology to enhance surveillance and capacity. They’re ready to face any challenge.
  • Hold on to your magnifying glasses, detectives! The Chinese have deployed an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or helicopter drone in the Middle sector. This high-tech gadget is designed to spy from the skies. It seems like they want to keep a close watch on the border. How sneaky!
  • Young investigators, we’ve uncovered a web of intrigue along the LAC. China’s rapid construction of model villages, new security posts, and increased patrolling have raised eyebrows and set alarm bells ringing. What’s their ultimate goal? Is it a harmless endeavour or something more sinister? Only time will reveal the truth behind this mystery.
  • But remember, the world is full of secrets waiting to be unraveled. Keep your eyes open, stay curious, and never stop searching for answers!

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