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Image depicting PM Modi Empowers Artisans with Vishwakarma

PM Modi Empowers Artisans with Vishwakarma


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PM Modi’s Birthday Bash – No Cake, Just a Big Gift for Artisans!

A Birthday Like No Other

So, have you ever spent your birthday doing homework or chores? Doesn’t sound like a party, huh? But guess what—PM Modi did something even more responsible on his 73rd birthday. He didn’t ask for presents or eat cake. Instead, he gave a massive gift to India, a new program called the ‘PM Vishwakarma Scheme.’ Think of it as the birthday gift that keeps on giving, like a year-long pass to an amusement park!

The Metro Ride Adventure

After blowing out imaginary candles, PM Modi hopped onto a metro train. But it wasn’t just any ride; it was like a mini expedition from Dhaula Kuan to a sparkling new place called Yashobhoomi. Picture this: you’re on a train heading to a secret base where you’re about to unveil something that’ll help tons of people. Kind of feels like a superhero mission, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what PM Modi did. He arrived at Yashobhoomi to pull the curtains off Phase I of an Expo Centre. It’s so ginormous, it’s like a playground that could fit everyone in your entire school—more than once!

What’s So Special About Yashobhoomi?

Okay, so what is this Yashobhoomi, and why is it a big deal? Imagine your school decided to build an extra building just for fun stuff: art, drama, science experiments, and more. That’s Yashobhoomi for grown-ups! It’s a place where people from around the world can come and talk about important things—like how to make the world a better place or how to build a rocket ship to Mars! With more than 180,000 square meters of space, it’s going to be one of the biggest places in the world where people gather for meetings and expos.

So in just one day—his birthday, remember—PM Modi gifted artisans a brand-new scheme and opened a place where really important discussions can happen. He even took public transport like a regular citizen to get there! Talk about a jam-packed birthday! And you know what, it’s not even about him. It’s about helping people shine brighter, like putting extra glitter on your art project.

So, boys and girls, when you celebrate your next birthday, think of how you can make it special—not just for you, but maybe for someone else too. After all, sharing is caring, and PM Modi just showed us how it’s done!

“Vocal for Local,” But Make It Global!

A Helping Hand, or Rather, a Helping Rupee!

You know how sometimes you just need a little push to slide down the big slide on the playground? PM Modi is giving artisans—people who are really good at making stuff—a push too, but with money! He is saying, “Go on, take up to Rs 3 lakh and make your dreams come true!” It’s like someone giving you a bag full of legos and saying, “Build the castle of your dreams!”

This isn’t just any money, though. It’s special because you only have to pay back a tiny bit more than you borrowed. Imagine lending a pencil from a friend and when you give it back, you only have to include just one extra eraser as a thank you. Yep, it’s that simple and awesome!

Training Wheels for Crafty Bikes

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? You probably had training wheels, right? Well, PM Modi thinks artisans could use a little training too, to get really, really good at what they do. The scheme will give them a little extra money every day—Rs 500 to be exact—just for learning more. It’s like getting an extra cookie just for finishing your homework!

And the artisans don’t just get money; they get special training to help them become the best in the world. It’s like going to a summer camp where all you do is learn how to be the best at your favorite hobby.

The Worldwide Stage is Set

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” as the saying goes. But PM Modi wants India’s traditional crafts to reach Rome and everywhere else! The scheme wants our local artisans to go global. Imagine drawing a beautiful picture and not just showing it to your family, but having it hung up in an art gallery where people from all over the world can see it!

For this, PM Modi wants to use technology and other fancy things to help artisans. They will learn how to package their goods and even learn to become a part of the big worldwide chain where things are made and sold. It’s like if you baked cookies and then learned how to package them so nicely that everyone wanted to buy them!

So, next time you hear “Vocal for Local,” remember that PM Modi wants those local voices to sing all the way across oceans and mountains, reaching hearts worldwide. The world is like a big, open stage, and PM Modi wants our local artisans to be the stars of the show!

Making Sure Everyone Gets a Fair Chance!

The Triple-Check System: No Cheaters Allowed!

You know how in a game of musical chairs, everyone has to play fair for it to be fun? PM Modi is making sure of just that. For the PM Vishwakarma scheme, there’s going to be a three-layer verification system. It’s a bit like when you’re building a tower of blocks; you want to make sure each block is sturdy so the whole tower doesn’t come crashing down.

First, your village, or ‘gram panchayat,’ will check if you really are an artisan. Then, the district officers will double-check. And finally, at the state level, there’s another round of checking. Talk about thorough! It’s like having a lifeguard, a teacher, and your mom all making sure you can swim before you jump into the deep end.

Special IDs: The VIP Craft Club Membership

Once you’ve made it through the three rounds of checks, you’re in! What do you get? A special Vishwakarma ID card! Think of it like a secret club membership card that proves you’re one of the coolest craft-makers around.

PM Modi knows that special people should get special recognition. This ID card is not just a piece of plastic; it’s a ticket to a whole new world. A world where your talents aren’t just seen by your neighbors or your town, but by people all around the globe. It’s like when you get a gold star in class, and everyone knows you did something awesome.

Open to All: The More, The Merrier

The best thing about the PM Vishwakarma scheme, according to PM Modi and other important folks like the Finance Minister, is that it’s for everyone who can make stuff by hand. It doesn’t matter if you are a traditional potter or a modern carpenter, you’re invited to this crafts party!

It’s like a neighborhood game where everyone’s invited, no matter how fast or slow you run. If you have a skill, this program is for you. PM Modi believes that the more people who can show off their skills, the better it will be for everyone. It’s like adding more and more colors to a big, beautiful painting that represents all of India.

So there you have it, curious ones! Chapter 3 is all about how PM Modi’s new Vishwakarma scheme makes sure everyone has a fair and fun chance to show off their amazing skills. It’s like a big, heartwarming family reunion, but for talented craftspeople from all over the country. And remember, in this game, everyone can be a winner!

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