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The top 10 inspirational women of 2020

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This year, we have read about many inspirational women who have impacted the world in different ways. Today, let’s read about ten of these amazing women.

  1. Emmanuelle Charpentier, Jennifer A. Doudna and Andrea Ghez – Charpentier and Doudna won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year. They are the first women to share a Nobel prize in science without a male scientist being included. Ghez is only the fourth woman to win a Nobel physics prize.
  2. Kamala Harris – She created history by becoming the first-ever woman to be elected Vice President of the US. She is also the first black woman and person of Indian descent to achieve this.
  3. Naomi Osaka – 23-year-old tennis player Osaka became the highest-paid woman athlete in the world this year. She also won the US Open 2020 and even inspired a Japanese comic.
  4. Sarah al-Amiri – She is the United Arab Emirates’ Minister of State for Advanced Technology. She oversaw the UAE’s historic ‘Hope’ mission to Mars.
  5. Bhageerathi Amma – This 105-year-old woman became the oldest ‘equivalency learner’ in Kerala. She also won a national award.
  6. Indian Navy Captain Radhika Menon – She won the International Maritime Organization award for bravery at sea. She is also India’s first female Merchant Navy Captain.
  7. Bilkis Bano – This 82-year-old Shaheen Bagh protester’s bravery has put her on the BBC 100 Women 2020 and TIME magazine’s ‘most influential’ of 2020 list.
  8. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – Her strong handling of the COVID-19 crisis earned her great respect and helped her win a historic second term.
  9. Ozlem Tureci – She is co-founder and chief medical officer of biotechnology company BioNTech. She and her team have developed an important vaccine against the COVID-19 virus.
  10. Kathy Lueders – She became the first woman to head NASA’s human spaceflight division.

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