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Image depicting The top 10 viral videos of 2021

The top ten viral videos of 2021

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The top ten viral videos of 2021

2021 is coming to an end. How about taking a look back at the viral videos that humour is the best medicine and gave us peels of laughter.

Here are some of the viral videos, just for laughs:

  1. A beanie that changed coloursA viral video of a woollen hat (also called a “rib beanie”) changing colours in an instant has puzzled internet users. The video posted on the video-sharing app TikTok by Otelia Carmen has gathered nearly 4 million views. She reposted the video on her Instagram as TikTok is banned in certain countries (like India). 
  2. Adorable video of monkey and goat – Animals often do many cute and funny things and this video is no exception. A video of a monkey riding on the back of a goat had gone viral on Twitter and got more than 12 million views and 534,000 likes on it. It has been retweeted (shared) more than 105,000 times.
  3. Dinosaur gives a speech against climate change – This video is part of the UN’s Don’t Choose Extinction campaign. It is aimed as a message at world leaders to do a lot more to fight climate change.
  4. Duck with red shoes runs New York City Marathon – This year, the New York City Marathon had a very special participant – a duck called Wrinkle! In a video of the duck, originally posted to Instagram, we see Wrinkle the duck running and quacking its way through the streets of New York. Moreover, Wrinkle is wearing red shoes!
  5. Chihuahua plays Pool game – A Chihuahua, whose name is Amadeus is seen playing pool games in the video. We can hear people cheering for him in the video. Amadeus is the world’s youngest pool player.
  6. Mother rhino stands guard to protect her baby – Among the top viral videos is also a video shared by IFS (Indian Forest Officer) officer Ramesh Pandey. It shows a mother rhino and her calf at a riverbank in Kaziranga.
  7. Sudha Murthy celebrates her pet dog’s birthday – A video went viral where Sudha Murthy is seen conducting a puja for her pet dog. The dog’s name is Gopi.
  8. A dog learns to apply false eyelashes – Mukul Richards, a makeup artist in Mumbai, shared a funny reel on her Instagram account. As she applies false eyelashes on herself, her dog keeps stopping her and wants her attention. Mukul begins to apply the false eyelashes and teaches her pet at the same time.
  9. Bear gets curious after finding a camera in the snow – The video shows a curious bear that gets excited after finding a GoPro camera in the snow and managed to turn it on. Then the camera record all its actions.
  10. Slackliner crosses the Seine from Eiffel Tower – Imagine crossing above a river, walking on a rope – this is what visitors to the Eiffel Tower in Paris saw a man do in this viral video.

Yes, there are plenty of viral videos. Do you know of any viral videos? Tell us about them.

Top 10 viral videos of 2021

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