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Image depicting monkeys, as in, These airport monkeys are related to zoo escapees from 1948

These airport monkeys are related to zoo escapees from 1948

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Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, US is home to a group of wild monkeys. They are popular among visitors and workers.

A recent study has found that these animals are related to monkeys that escaped from a zoo in 1948! This zoo was called the Darnia Chimpanzee Farm. It was a private zoo that used monkeys in animal research.

Today, about 36 descendants (children and grandchildren) of the zoo monkeys live around the airport. It seems they do not cause much trouble.

Green monkeys

Records show that the zoo brought the monkeys from Sierra Leone, Africa. These monkeys are called sabaeus monkeys. They are also known as “green monkeys” because their brown fur has a slight green tinge. The tip of the monkey’s tail is also golden yellow and so are the backs of the thighs and cheek whiskers.

Now, scientists want to study how these wild animals from Africa have adapted (adjusted) to the city environment of Florida.


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