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Video: Astronauts for Moon mission ‘Artemis’ are picked

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NASA plans to put a man and a woman astronaut for Moon mission, Artemis by 2024. It will have the first-ever woman to step foot on the Moon.

Recently, NASA announced 18 astronauts who be part of the Artemis programme.

The group consists of 9 men and 9 women. They were announced by US Vice-President Mike Pence at an event in Florida, US.

The 18 astronauts for Moon mission include astronauts who have already travelled to the International Space Station (ISS) as well as new astronauts.

They include Stephanie Wilson (photo above) and Christina Koch (who holds the record for the longest continuous time in space for a woman). Victor Glover (who is currently on the ISS) and Indian-American astronaut Raja Chari are part of the team.

Currently, NASA has 47 active astronauts. NASA also said that more astronauts will be announced for the Artemis mission later. Of course, not all the astronauts chosen may actually go to the Moon but they will all train for it.

Artemis will use NASA’s massive Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion space capsule to send astronauts into lunar orbit.

Apart from the Moon landing, the Artemis mission wants to explore the idea of constructing a lunar base too.

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