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iamge depicting Vivo report says time spent on smartphone went up by 25% during pandemic

Vivo report says time spent on smartphone went up by 25% during pandemic

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A new report by mobile phone company Vivo says that usage of smartphones by Indians went up by around 25% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, people use smartphones for almost 7 hours a day for work/study as well as entertainment.

The report is called ‘Smartphones and their impact on human relationships 2020’. The study was commissioned (paid for) by Vivo and conducted by CMR (CyberMedia Research).

2,000 people aged 15-45 years across eight cities participated in the study. 70% of them were men and 30% women.

The study says the average time spent on smartphones in a day has been on the rise yearly. It was about 5.5 hours in March 2020 (pre-COVID) which also increased from about 4.9 hours on average in 2019.

The report noted that since lockdown, Indians have been spending more time on their smartphone for work from home, calling, and OTT (over the top services like Netflix, Spotify etc).

There has also been a huge increase in time spent per day on social media, gaming on phones as well as taking photos and selfies.

What else does the Vivo report say?

The report also said that while people are spending more time with their family, smartphones have impacted the quality of the time spent with them.

In the study, about 74% of people said they get moody and irritable when they stop using their mobile phones. About 70% also agreed that if their phone usage continues at the current rate or increases, it is likely to impact their mental or physical health.

While smartphones are useful for work and play, increased dependence on them could affect mental health. This trend of increased usage could also affect relationships with family and friends.


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