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Image depicting A baby climbs the rock wall

Watch a video: A baby climbs the rock wall

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Watch a video: A baby climbs the rock wall.

Have you ever seen a 21-months old baby climbing a wall?

A baby so young, only one and a half years old, who hasn’t learnt to walk, is enjoying rock climbing.

Isn’t it strange? But, every child is different, and we should always praise their uniqueness.

A new video is getting viral and spreading widely. In the video, a 21-months old baby, named Ellie is trying to climb on a wall. As you can see, Ellie is climbing on the wall with support. What is interesting is that Ellie is not scared. She seems to be enjoying climbing over the wall.

Did you know most babies do not fear much? They like to touch and feel everything. They also copy the adults around them.

Watch this adorable video below:

Tell us what did you like to do when you were of this age?

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