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image depicting World news update - 22 February 2021

World news update – 22 February 2021

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World news update – 22 February 2021

Colombia grants legal status to 1 million Venezuelan migrants

The ‘protected status’ will last up to 10 years. It will make it easier for the migrants to work, seek permanent residency or citizenship and be able to use health services.

Due to economic and political instability, more than five million people have fled Venezuela since 2015. Most of them have fled to Colombia.

This act by Colombia has been widely praised all over the world.

World news update

Tar pollutes coastline in Israel

Large globs of tar have washed up on much of the Mediterranean Sea coastline of Israel. Tar is a thick black sticky liquid that becomes solid when it is cold (see above). It is obtained from coal and used in making roads.

It seems to have come from a ship leaking oil. Thousands of volunteers and soldiers are working to clean up the pollution. Many turtles and birds have been found covered in oil.

Engine bursts into flames on flying plane

A Boeing 777 plane belonging to United Airlines in the US burst into flames mid-air on Saturday. The plane was carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew. It was forced to land but thankfully no one was injured.

United Airlines has grounded 24 of its Boeing 777 planes while the incident is being investigated. Japan has also asked all airlines using Boeing 777s with the same engine above to avoid its airspace.

World news update

Ingenuity helicopter phones home from Mars

Ingenuity is attached to the Perseverance rover. It will fly on Mars in a few months. It “phoned” home using NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, saying that it is in good condition.


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