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Nothing but Perfect

Her legs too long,
She’s too damn strong,
I see some flab,
Where is her glam?

She’s way too short, 
Not really hot,
Why she so wide?
Got too much pride.

She’s such a nerd,
Her head’s a daze,
She got no herd,
Not much to gaze,

She’s either too bossy or meek,
This chaff all they speak,
She’s either too much or too little,
A bull or so brittle.

She’s always judged under a microscope,
Causing her to lose all hope,
Of ever being loved as she really is,
With all of this unneeded diss.

A perfect obedient daughter,
A flawless unbending mother,
A zealous efficient worker,
A loving trophy wife.

Nothing but perfect,
Is what they expect,
She needs to remain a Mary Sue,
Trying hard with so much to do.


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Jiya Elizabeth Jikku

Grade 9, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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