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Online gaming curriculum and grading

With so much interest around, the school is planning to introduce “online gaming” as a subject. You have to create the curriculum and evaluate the students in Middle Grades. Share the curriculum and evaluation criteria for the “Online Gaming” subject.

Online gaming curriculum and grading

If online gaming was a subject there would have to be an effective curriculum to teach the students how to master the art of playing third person shooter games. The curriculum designed by me would be the following :
• The first step would be downloading the game
• The next step would involve learning to click at incredibly fast speeds and finding a CPS test online for better results.
• The next step to master video games would be learning the basic controls and practicing daily.
• Strategies are essential the next step in becoming better and video games would be using keybinds and learning the in depth work and files of the game.
• The next step would be making tactics for each and every scenario and watching YouTube on the videogame you are playing.
• Following these steps and practicing will lead to success in the art of playing third person shooter games.

All subjects need some criterion. The criterion for this subject would as follows :

• Criterion 1 would be having keybinds and reflexes fast enough to win a game. ( 14 – 16CPS)
• Criterion 2 would involve a series of test games to test how much the student knows about the indepth files of the game
• Criterion 3 would be winning a game
The grading for this subject will be as per the following :

Outstanding (A) : Has a CPS of 16 or more, Has keybinds for all controls, Knows about the indepth files and can win a match.
Proficient (B) : Has a CPS of 14 or more, Has keybinds for some controls, knows little/none about the indepth files and can win a match
Emerging (D) : Is unable to do any of the above

The students will have to complete the curriculum and then get graded based on the grading and criterions.

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