My Expressions

Date : 18 February 2021

  • Young Voice

Due to the corona pandemic, many changes happened in the world, also the student community. The virus changed the whole perspective of education. During this virus, education changed into online education.
In online classes, all the teachers and students would have to sit Infront of the camera. While online classes people can have all over the world students some tuitions can be held, due to e-school people learned more about technology.

During e-school, students get more time to submit their work. In virtual classes, there are many disadvantages, one of the most major disadvantages is that most Indians cannot afford electronic devices, so some students don’t get an education. While exams many students do cheat, the teacher doesn’t give proper questions too. Sometimes students turn off their cameras and don’t attend classes. On the other hand, is classroom education, helps to improve our discipline, we do also get to meet our friends. During exams, there is very little cheating. In some subjects like science, we need to practice many practicals which couldn’t be done in virtual classes.

For children who are in class 1 or below it is very difficult to study.
In online classes, there are many disadvantages but in classroom education, I find it easy to do study. So in my opinion classroom education is a much better way of teaching and learning.




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