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Our Existence in the Cosmos

It all began with the big bang, 

When the alarm of the cosmos rang.

Matter spread, lifting what was dead,

But are we really alive? – questions my head.

Then came the formation of stars,

Time had already begun its wheel, oh! How wonderful it was!

But still, we don’t have an explanation of time,

What exactly do we know about it?

More than it’s a word with letters equal to five less than nine?

With the occurrence of Nebula

Our solar system had come into being,

Planets taking birth, 

And motion had begun in full swing.

Yeah! As we know, 

The third planet it was

Getting ready to be called ‘mother’ by millions,

May be was the daughter of Mars?

May be Mars was already lively,

But something unearthly has caused those scars.

Those scars which Mars carries today

Depict its violent history,

But are we the only intelligence?

Uh! It still is a mystery.

What’s the most interesting fact about the Universe?

What we know about it is much less than what we don’t know, 

And that has made our curiosity to flow.

All ‘we’ know is that ‘we’ are alive,

But who knows? Maybe we are dead to others

Others- who live far away on moons and planets 

And who knows? Maybe there are more Universes!

But the biggest question mark is still on the black colour of the Universe and our God-gifted sense, 

Alas! Who’s God then and what’s the logic behind human existence?



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Grade 11, DL DAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110088

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  1. Anu Paul Philip says:

    Thought-provoking questions!

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