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Our Mother Earth will definitely revive

Imagine !
Everything is clean
The environment around us, all green
No landfills for us to see 
All beings roam free

Today when all the creatures are drowned in sorrow 
Imagine there could be a better tomorrow 
We could get rid of all this pollution
And I am certain, there is a  solution

We take what we need but we never give 
We don’t realize that without nature we wouldn’t live.
Our greed will never take us anywhere
We desperately need to do our share

We are children of today with plans for our future
We have plenty of dreams we would like to nurture
Let’s do the 3 R’s and sow the seeds
It’s time we together did our deeds

In each other, I see our hopes alive
Our mother earth will definitely revive 
If we join hands together today
We will go a long long way

Curious Times:
Suhaani is a student in Delhi/ NCR. Curious Times is reporting the smog issues in North India and how people are getting impacted. However, young ones like Suhaani are giving us much needed hope.


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Suhani Ravi Tiwari

7, Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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