My Expressions

Date : 18 June 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Gungun Mahapatra

I am so livid
For my last year of school
Is in a new city
amongst new folks
Friends or foes?
Who knows!
A pandemic has put me between four walls
Being an introvert I must savour
But here I am
Stuck between links, online classes and projects
With tons of conference calls
All this time I worried
At this level of earth decay
The next few years would leave me nothing to say
But then came 2020
With a plethora of offerings, no one asked for
It did some of our pending chores
No-one stopped economies
Then a pandemic did
Ozone holes were fixed
Biodiversity revived
Earth is out of a ventilation
Now in full life
We lost lives
At the scale of millions at a time
How could I sit all naive and yet fine?
Social distancing they say
Is a way of life
The pandemic may have affected us
But it also taught us lessons for life
How family time is a gem
In ways to heal commitments
How to cook and clean
Without house help and interruptions in between
Thank you Pandemic
You created history
And left much to be seen
And less to speak
We may crib and cry
This is a trying time
But by the time the doors open
We will be just fine.


Gungun Mahapatra

Grade 12, Navy Children School, Kochi, Kerala

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