My Expressions

Date : 21 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Ashwin S Kumar

For long I wept, on
those beaming days
Hotter than this
Never it has been
In hundreds or thousands
I plant thee oh trees.
The sun never shone, thereafter
Amongst the stormy clouds
The fire you see yonder
Is sinking the world in.

Green turns brown
Those swaying trees are down
Earth looks at me 
Eyes closed and a sigh
Days turn hot, nights hotter
Wind seems harsh
And this never-ending disaster
Forest turning ashes
Heatwaves and fire everywhere.

Clear and blue
Where’s the water?
There’s no clue.
Seasons fight and wind goes wild
Who follows who?
They know not now.
Glaciers melt and floods hit hard
Our climate lands 
With a sudden crash
Cold feels the summer
And hotter is the winter.

Change is phenomenal
Never does it happen
But is meant to be created
Earth needs love 
Earth needs care
Just like you, So play it fair.


Ashwin S Kumar

BBA (2019-2022), Amity Global Business School, Kochi, Kerala

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