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PM’s call for lighting candles… the voice of young!

The Grade 4 students of The Choice School, Kochi, have sent their thoughts on what should be done on PM Modi’s request to light Diyas on 5th April.
Prime Minister believes that the country can display the nation’s collective spirit to defeat the coronavirus.

“COVID 19 has put our lives at risk and made us live in fear. This is the time for all of us to stand up united against this pandemic. As envisioned by our honourable Prime Minister, Modiji, I will light a candle, the light of which will kill this darkness and spread hope all over the country.”

Shreya Chandrima
IV E 2019 -2020

“Switching off lights for 9 mins may not be like a shield or a medicine against the virus but maybe we can hope that it can be a prayer to God to make it a safer place for people to live .
The day our nation clapped from the balconies to honour the doctors and service people, I felt very emotional and I saw all my neighbours smiling and happy for 10 minutes during this bad time. So if this small action can spread joy and positivity … then why not?”

Aarya Neil D’Souza
Grade 4E (2019-20)

“Lighting diyas and torches may not be the only thing to do. We should also be focusing on increasing our medical facilities to fight COVID-19, provide food and medicines to migrant workers and homeless people.”

Sasha Bikku 4

“Everyone knows that we are going through an epidemic situaution caused by COVID-19. This is a nice suggestion from P.M. Narender Modi. He will help us to keep our spirits high in this lockdown period. This lighting of lamps will help us fight the disease by staying united.”

Siddharth Pai 4D

“I am anxious about what would happen after the lockdown. But I really appreciate the way PM is giving positive thoughts to all of us in this dark phase of life . We all are united in this darkness and soon there will be light at the end of the dark tunnel. I will be in my house balcony with a candle on Sunday 9:00 pm. Jai hind..”

Ayan Pattanaik

“The signaficance of lighting Diya is to symbolise the victory of light over evil. The light is the lock down and the evil is coronavirus.”

Mohak Agarwal
Grade 4C

“I support the diya or candle lighting announced by our Prime Minister. It gives hope to all Indians and a relief to those who are scared or worried that they are not alone in this fight against the Corona Pandemic. The light from the diya or candle means that no matter what is happening around us, we should stand united! We shall overcome!
So let’s shine our little light!”

Rheanna Ann Jikku
Class 4G (2019-2020)

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that we have to dispel the darkness spread by the coronavirus and give hope to the poor who are most impacted by the lockdown. Let’s make our India bright and corona free. And where there is disease there is darkness and where there is light there is hope.”

Grade 4F

“Health professionals cleaning personnel, lab technicians, nurses, doctors, health inspectors are fighting against this pandemic in the front line. PM should also make arrangements, to provide masks at the earliest. Current time is the time of the lockdown, people dont have jobs and money. They need the support to survive.”

Afreen Ayesha


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Students of The Choice School

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