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Poem: Hidden communication

Humans are destroying the environment by polluting. Factories can be an example. The CO2 released from the chimneys are affecting the lungs of several endangered animals. We also shoot those animals for our clothes, jewellery, false medicinal attributes etc. All these animals hide whenever they see humans. They sometimes call out in loud voices. But what does that mean? It might mean that they are talking about us and our villanous actions. We need to reflect and give these animals some space to live.

Hidden communication:

I hear some animal voices,
What might they be whooping about?
I’ll try to take a chance,
To figure it all out.

Are they talking about humans?
As they’ve reduced to a few.
And these species are vulnerable,
Like the partridge in the bew?

Do they growl, snarl, tweet,
Making their species alert?
“Hark! The humans are near…
Run! Or you might get hurt!”

Why do the elephants bellow?
Why are the white tigers scampering away?
Why are spider monkeys prancing around?
What else ruins their day?

I inquire…“What might be these hidden talks?”
I still have this doubt.
Can we humans try to understand,
What their life’s also about?

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Kkashyapi Chaudhri

5, THE AGA KHAN ACADEMY, HYDERABAD, Hyderabad, Telangana

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