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Poem – “LIFE: A Passion”

LIFE: A Passion

Life itself is a poetry
So fascinating it is
Sometimes words can’t convey its beauty.
Obstacles, worries, happiness, achievements,
And many more such
Are verses of life for much.
Of time is something precious,
Don’t chase it, don’t waste it,
You can’t save it but live it.

Life is a journey
And throughout it, pain and pleasure
Shall keep you company
Taking turns, they flow into you.
Through tears, pain clears.

There’s this winter,
All cold and cosy.
And then spring,
Butterflies and flowers all around.
And then summer,
Hot and exciting.
Then comes autumn.
And we all must learn at last that,
In autumn, leaves don’t fall but fly.

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Comments: 3
  1. Lamiya_naina says:

    Wow, amazing. You inspire me.

  2. F_Fathima says:

    Thanks ❤️

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