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Pollution and our world

In recent years, scientist produce evidence that weather climate is becoming warmer.Like the acid rain, photochemical smog, ozone depletion later in this, Scientist believes that this “Global warming” is due largely pollution of atmosphere by human activities.
Today most of the pollution are basically involves human due to their industries, machines,and even some routine items like motor vehicles, Which exhaust fumes, smoke from chimneys etc.In “Hotan”(The city of china) due to extremely pollution people have to wear masks and have to covered their faces. Now a day, due to monsoon season, their is a great problem of acid rain.
Acid rain: in the early mid of 80s, Scientist observe that some strange thing happens to the forest, trees start dying and their soil become too acidic even the lakes and stream are much acidic to support fishes,amphibians and other aquatic animals. They came to the conclusion that its just because of “acid rain”
Rainfall is slightly acidic because of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere to dissolve in rain water to form weak acid “carbonic acid”.However, the burning of fossil fuels produce waste gases amongst them sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen.When these gases combine with the moisture in the atmosphere they produce sulphuric acid and nitric acid and make even more acidic rain.
Acid rain have some harmful effects,Including to fresh water fisheries ,lakes,steams,groundwater,forest,crop etc.There is some added problem that acid rain is not a local problem .That once the acidic gases reached the pollution may be carried hundred or even thousand of kilometers . As a result acid rain produce by one country or continent can damage the environment of another!!!

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