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Pollution-free Bharat

Oh! This pollution, this is so deadly!!
But, we must make an effort to make our Bharat environment friendly!

People are dying because of pollution,
But every problem has a solution!

Let us take out a few ways to do something new!
Yes! We should waste things few!

By throwing away less,
And doing progress…
in reducing, reusing and recycling,
Otherwise, the conditions would be alarming!!

Plant more trees and plants everywhere,
Because for our Bharat, it will be very fair!!

Whether underwater or on the ground,
And on the beautiful mountains as if crowned!

Kill the bacteria in the waste and put it in the best out of waste.
By doing this, we will waste less and our Bharat will be the best amongst the rest!

Let us heal our country, Bharat, we all live in and save it for our children.
And make our Bharat pollution-free, clean and green!!

Let us join our hands together and make sincere efforts.
And promise our future generations to give them all comforts!!




8, Cambridge, NEW DELHI, DELHI