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Prism of Life

For each poet, each king and philosopher,
from a teacher it begins and the wisdom it brings.
For each smile you lengthen, the feeling is strengthened.
There is no one like a teacher alike.
The light of possibilities, the tower of responsibilities.
I came to you to learn and grow, most I learnt was the love you show.
To the hidden qualities inside being the prism of life,
So are introduced in our lives, to make us as sharp as knives.
I still remember that day, when you congratulated me for i tried.
You told me not to get disappointed, on minor bounces,
and made me believe in second chances.
God created teachers as a manual of life, teachers are the candles who lighten our minds.
You go an extra mile and it shows, I appreciate what you did.
All these efforts kept hid.
God needed someone who see potential and believe in others.
So, he made teachers

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