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Privacy: If this isn’t an issue for you it should be…

The internet has become an important part of today’s generation so it is our duty to protect our information. The Internet has touched every aspect of our life like communicating, banking etc..So if we keep our personal, business or government information in the systems safely people don’t have to worry about using the Internet as much as they want.

With the growing use of the internet by people protecting information has become a necessity. Cybersecurity is important because it not only helps to secure information but also protects our system from virus attacks.

We can be victims of cybercrimes by simply going through infected web pages and websites which can be seen every day. It infects the computer and allows hackers to gain illegal access to our sensitive information. It may lead to a lot of problems.

There are also many other ways in which information can be leaked such as phishing, credit card fraud etc..

But we can avoid all these problems by using the necessary cybersecurity methods. Some of them are by using strong passwords, antivirus programs, visiting websites that are secured and many more. We are the ones who fall for these crimes by ourselves so if we take the correct precautions then no one will be able to access our information.

So take a look at everything you go through, read everything before simply clicking okay in websites, double-check everything and makes sure that everything will be fine, give personal information only if the web page is secure, avoiding replying to spam emails and be your own protector and help others by acknowledging them about the safety measures.


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Miah Mariya Mathew

Grade 12, Excelsior English School, Kottayam, Kerala

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