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Image depicting Que Sera Sera

Que Sera, Sera: Poem on going with the flow of life

Image depicting Que Sera Sera

Perhaps everything happens for the best,

Perhaps not,
How would you know?
Just go with the flow,
Like a river,
Moving swiftly,
No matter the tough rocks,
Blocking its way,
Or the dams, constant annoyance they are,
All they manage to do is halt,
Halt the flow,
Never managing to stop it,

Finally reaching its first Crossroads,
Forced to make a choice,
A choice, meaningless in the end,
Never stopping even then,
Just breaking up into multiple streams,
All, following their destined path,
Never stopping,
Just getting absorbed by nature,
In a whole lot of ways,
Absorbed, and then released,
Repeating the whole wretched cycle,
Once again, neverending it is…

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