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Rivers and the sea

Many years ago the rivers were unhappy and dissatisfied.

They started off as tiny streams in the mountains flowed through ravines, plains,and plateaus and ultimately merged with a big sea. They held an urgent meeting.

This is not fair said one of the rivers. Why do we join in the sea and lose our freedom? Our sweet and clean water becomes dirty and salty when we enter the sea. Thats right. When we can survive floods and droughts, then I think we are capable of surviving on our own forever said another annoyed river.

The sea was amused by the discussion of the rivers. If that’s how you feel then do not join me. Go and live on your own, said the sea.

Then one wise river spoke, If we don’t join the sea, we will dry up during the dry season and ultimately we will all die. The other rivers realised the truth behind his words.S o they decided it was better to join the sea and flow together in harmony.


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