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This Sunday morning, when you read Curious Times, you also get this wonderful edition of Rudransh Newspaper.

Young and Curious Reader of Curious Times sent his wonderful newspaper to Curious Times. Do enjoy all the pages. Rudransh has covered:

  1. News on a village in South Africa, which works on Solar Energy only
  2. News on Cookies being baked in International Space Station
    • The chocolate chip cookie dough is being provided by the DoubleTree Hilton hotel chain.
    • They have also provided a Zero Gravity Microwave to bake these cookies
    • And astronauts in the International Space Station spent their day baking cookies.
    • We are sure those are yummy and all the readers want to taste one.
  3. ‘My Expressions’ has a beautiful nature picture with Rudransh doing photography.


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Rudransh Chauhan

3, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

Rudransh loves nature and space.

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