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Save our giving Mother, we don’t have another!

She’s slowly dying,
Earth is crying,
Her distress keeps multiplying,
But you still keep on denying.

Droughts ravage our fields,
Damaging our yields,
Tornadoes cause so much mess,
Yet you don’t even stress.

People are literally dying,
Fighting hard to keep surviving,
The rich just keep on thriving,
Disasters keep on arising.

They stay blind to this ordeal,
Not seeing what it’s done,
But soon they’ll have to kneel,
When the damage is finally done.

There’s a consequence for every action,
Every mistake has a reaction,
When will you open your eyes,
And see past all these lies?

But we can still change our fate,
Before it gets too late,
Let’s save our giving Mother,
We do not have another.


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Jiya Elizabeth Jikku

Grade 9, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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