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Short Story – ‘The Tale of a Transitional Sovereign’

This is the tale of a sovereign, who during his ascendancy made an attempt to do something that brought the sovereign and the nationals to great prominence.
The story begins in the country of Frankletton founded not quite long ago, in my memory… two dozen years back by Mr. Benjamin Smith, a gentleman of great conduct. The sovereign was highly esteemed for he ruled with dignity, equality, and great friendship with his nationals. His son, Franklin a cut above his father in terms of conduct, wanted to rule the country and even do a tint of touch-up on it, after the era of his father.
Sadly, Mr. Benjamin Smith breathed his last a few years later, due to a rare illness he had contradicted a month before his sad demise. This meant that Franklin, the heir would now rule over the nationals. The people had full regard for the late Mr. Benjamin to an extent where they could not accept the humble Franklin as ruler. But, this disgrace didn’t stop Franklin from attempting to do well for his country. He had taken a vow at the time of his boyhood that he would do something very unique and special for his country so that the whole world would know of its existence in the ever-growing globe.
The hills of Frankletton were enveloped by an intricately balanced variety of flowers like lovely daffodils, tints of Cotton Grass, elegant Martagon lilies, snowberries, burning bushes and lovely carpets of junipers. The climate was a beautiful balance of summer, winter, lots of rains and springs and even a tiny little bit of autumn! There are beautiful coasts, a few rivers and breathtaking views and experiences for coast life. The country in terms of development stands high, maybe even better than other countries. This development leads one to another perspective of Frankletton, where pollution covers the clouds and smoke is the scent of lead.
I believe it was a junket to one such place that made Mr. Franklin want to make a difference. The man gave great value to health and thus believed that Frankletton needed to be presented all across the planet as one of the greatest examples of pollution and global warming-free country. He decided to fabricate ideas, not just fabricate them, but also administer them fruitfully upon the people. After this deep desire struck him, the people hardly saw him outside. But as devotees of Mr. Benjamin, they came to conclusions that he was probably lethargic and was dozing off in his mansion when he ought to be maintaining law and order in the country. But, Mr. Franklin was doing quite the opposite. He was so busy creating new ideas for his country that I reckon he forgot about slumber.
By the time Mr. Franklin was out of his mansion, the people were outraged with him and said, “Oh! It seems that the useless president has finished his sedentary rest in his big fancy mansion after his tiny little totally useless junket to the cities of Frankletton.” But the people were in for a great shock. The president announced that he was going to deliver an important speech from the garden of his office, which would be broadcasted across all media of Frankletton so he could present all the ideas that were created. The speech took place two days later and all the people of Frankletton were keen to know about what the “annoying” Mr. President had come up with.
The speech began and the people listened as he spoke, “Greetings to my fellow citizens. It gives me utmost pleasure to present to my subjects, these newly created ideas during my sedentary period in the office of my lovely mansion and my aim as president of this country is to make it free from pollution and to reduce the threats of global warming. They are as follows:
I. Water cannons must be installed in the ice-water areas which have recently been melting. These cannons could shoot seawater on the surfaces covered in ice sheets. This ensures that the water thus shot up is frozen and thickened back to good old ice. The more ice we have the better because it ensures the reflection of all the nasty sunlight and reduces global warming.
II. We the people of Frankletton shall make an attempt to create Lab-grown meat. This ensures that we do not waste a huge volume of resources and reduce the number of animals killed in the name of food. Animals have to be grown in huge farms that contribute to a lot of pollution. This can thereby be reduced using the idea of Lab-grown meat.
III. The scientists in my office have proposed the idea of plastic-eating enzymes. We would need support from our young scientific citizens to make this idea come to reality after which we will be able to cut down on the amount of plastic deposited in landfills which would reduce global warming and pollution.
IV. We are a country with less population and therefore depend on artificial intelligence for production, exporting, importing and so on. Therefore, we shall follow the same system to plant trees by creating drones for the same. So the next time you visit a park or forest, don’t be frightened when you see a drone flying all over the place.
V. We are going to ensure that only renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity etc, are used in the country. All forms of usage of fossil fuels will be removed within a year or more. Our brain stormers are still working on electric transportation which could result in complete removal of vehicles running on fossil fuels. All workers in fields relating to fossil fuels shall be provided alternate relief by the government.
VI. All residents of the country must segregate wastes into biodegradable and non biodegradable before disposing them. Separate bins shall be made available in all public places for the ease of citizens.
VII. The overall quantities of plastic used in the country shall be diminished. We shall start with a simple attempt of banning plastic bags followed by which we shall cut down plastic usage to only highly essential categories.
VIII. Carbon capturing machines shall be installed in all public places and households to capture excess carbon in the atmosphere.
IX. The government hereby vows to only fund projects that help the nature, not those that destroy it. Companies shall be fined heavily and shut down for high carbon footprint. The same applies for households.
Finally, it is a humble plea that all citizens must make an effort to change our country. The process may take excessive time and effort, but we the people of Frankletton never give up, and we shall become the greenest and cleanest country in the world.
Thank you…
Mr. Franklin not only made a pretty long speech, he implemented every single thing he mentioned in it. The people too felt the need for a healthier country and they also realized that Mr. Franklin was not such a bad person. Together, Mr. Franklin and his people made a change and soon, they became the most pollution-free and healthy country in the world and Mr. Franklin was the most widely visited president from then on. All the leaders of the world consulted with him and a few decades later…the whole world became free from pollution and global warming!

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