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Date : 2 June 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Tata Krishna Sumedha

Human beings are said to be the most complex organisms who even though not strong enough, have managed to build a civilization for themselves and stand up to everything with their wit and intelligence.

But one lifeless, extremely dependant organism managed to crumble the entire human race in one wave – THE CORONAVIRUS

Some of us are extremely motivated to combat the circumstance, some of us might live in denial, some of us might be extremely overthinking or be extremely scared but there’s one fact that is for sure is that we’ve all changed our routines completely.

Everything and everyone is living in a virtual world that they’ve created for themselves. It seems like heaven for introverts and socially awkward people;).

We are so busy in our own little world that we often forget what impact it would have on the most trivial functions of our body like our mental health, metabolism, motivation to do work, etc .

Also one of the most important factors of this nonexistent- existent world is that it poses a threat to our privacy and security. It might be a very small issue at first but as you go deeper into the topic, you realize that your bank accounts, credit cards, salary payment, everything is done online.

Another mind-boggling thing is about various apps and games, which kids and teens download for various purposes like online school, entertainment, etc. But often these little minds ignore the privacy threats that can be caused by the one in a million of these.

Making sure we don’t give access to all our files on our devices, making sure our institutional organizations encrypt our details and such other small details can help a lot.

But since we’re adopting this lifestyle for a long time to come, it’s important we follow the required precautions. “Stay safe even from home”.


Tata Krishna Sumedha

Grade 12, India International School, MANGAF, Kuwait

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