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Stay Safe!

Lockdown is declared to control,
And to break the chain of Novel Corona Virus is the goal,
So as to protect every human soul,
So stay home, stay safe and fulfill the goal.

Stay home, stay safe precaution is the best,
In this fast life, humans got some rest,
Some feel its from God to humans a test,
Humans had taken everything for granted,
By destroying nature in their comfort’s quest.

Lockdown has brought life to a standstill everywhere,
Due to Coronavirus risk of infection and death is everywhere,
Pandemic declared is rare,
Pain and suffocation infected people have to bear.

May this lockdown situation end soon,
And a peaceful, healthy, safe and joyful world evolve soon,
And be for human beings a boon,
Hoping everything becomes normal by the starting of June.


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Anwari Jahan Peshkar

Anwari is a poet and her poem, 'My hubby, my best buddy' and her prose work 'Sakeena' were published in an Anthology "My Best Buddy" by the Impish Lass Publishing House.

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