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Date : 24 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Aaryan Aneesh

One late February weekend, the world woke up to a change,

The sun still rose from the east, the horizon still lit up in orange.

But, the illness was no longer just in the one place in the Far East,

It spread like wildfire; that unbridled Beast.

…The world suddenly became the four walls for some.

The first week was painful for most, as they stayed home,

The routine became a distant memory, as offices came home.

Confusion prevailed, time stayed lost, lest none confronts,

Days became weeks and a week turned to months.

But, beautiful are the ways of the mother earth.

In such terrible times for mankind, nature modeled a rebirth,

The winds had lesser Nitrous Oxide and other toxins.

And the reclusive creatures boldly walked in,

…Slowly she healed!

The sun shined but the land did not scorch.

The moonlight was clear and bright as a torch.

The air was not heavy to breathe,

The water in the rivers revealed its bounties beneath.

Such was the miracle brought about by the mankind’s pause,

That the scars of his actions and earth many woes.

Were forgotten in time and a hasty recourse,

Reminded man that he was a weak force.

Humbled, mankind realised his true call,

Changed his ways before the great fall.

He no longer dug his claws into his mother’s teats,

But learned to soothe her with conservative treats.

In time the man looked back and slowed his pace,

He let nature make its choice.

The children of tomorrow shall never know a time,

When reckless greed was predestined.


Aaryan Aneesh

Grade 7, The Choice School, Thiruvalla, Kerala

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