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Suffocating Earth

Planet Earth! Planet Earth!

One that we call a ball of dirt

One that on we live and should preserve

Yet, thanks to us, a victim she has become

Of a “7 deadly sins”- greed; a human curse

And she’s dying all because of us.

Everything I could, I have done

But it won’t work

Without the support of others

Oh, Mother! Oh, Mother!

From water to land, everything she has given

Awed everyone by her ‘nature’ colors.

Yet seeing human greed. I couldn’t but shudder

At how we’ve reduced her to just a glimmer…

With each passing day, suffocates she does

And all of that is on all of us…

We’ve to correct everything wrong done

Else there won‘t be a place to call Planet Earth


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Pratyush Chamoli

Grade 10, DL DAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi

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