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Image depicting Sustainable Environment and Mother Earth

Sustainable Environment and Mother Earth

Image depicting Sustainable Environment and Mother Earth

Sustainable environment and Mother Earth! What comes to your mind?

Well, have you wondered why is there so much talk about sustainability and investing in Earth? About 50 years back, humankind did not worry much about sustainability habits. Over the years, however, the rise in population, increase in disposable income and consumerism have led to practices that threaten life and existence on the planet. A few of our indulgent habits include the use of plastics that are non-biodegradable. The disposal of such plastics has led to threatening marine life. The overuse of vehicles causes pollution and deterioration of air quality.

Of late, there has been an increased focus to protect the environment damaged by our unhealthy practices. These include restoring damaged ecosystems and investing in sustainable infrastructure. April 22 is celebrated as earth day to pause and think about how we can correct our course. Earth day makes us reflect on our ways to make wise personal choices and contribute to creating positive and long-lasting environmental and social changes.

Sustainable environment on Earth

Government, industries and individuals can contribute a lot to enhancing sustainability. Sustainable investing is also known as socially responsible investing or ESG investing. This means that the investor considers social, environmental and corporate governance factors before contributing money and resources. Sustainable investing encourages companies to look beyond mere financial gains. The Investment Leadership Program (ILP) of the United Nations Environmental Program has laid out the principles for responsible investments.

Examples of investments that are sustainable in the long run include investments in Mass Rapid Transportation Systems (MRTS), electrically powered vehicles, investments in alternate, less polluting forms of energy such as solar, wind energy etc. The use of recycled water for less critical applications such as cleaning and sanitation can help reduce water wastage.

Mother Earth and Food sustainability

Food sustainability is an important factor in the overall sustainability of Mother Earth. Food sustainability means producing food in such a way that it protects the environment. The underlying principle to support food sustainability is to make sustainable food choices. Choosing plant-based diets, eating local produce, and eating seasonal produce help reduce the energy required to transport and refrigerate food. Food banks that receive excess food from events and celebrations also go a long way in ensuring food sustainability.

Individual efforts for protecting the planet

As individuals, we can do a lot to ensure sustainability. Small actions by us can collectively make a big difference. Keeping the tap closed while brushing, taking bath from a bucket instead of a tub or a shower, and having food from reusable containers are a few examples. Many of us, often take more food on our plate than what we eat. Throwing the excess food means that the resources that went into producing the food are also getting wasted. It is important that we take the right quantity of food that we can consume on our plates.

We should try to use public transport or a carpool where ever possible. Students and commuters should also consider using a bicycle in suitable weather. It is a good practice to carry our own shopping bags. This would reduce the production and usage of plastic bags. We should also aim to donate unused items rather than throwing them away.

Sustainable growth and development

Governments across the world have been very supportive and have introduced a lot of initiatives to support sustainable growth and development. These include providing tax incentives, educating people, encouraging food donations and awarding grants for ventures that promote sustainable development.

Mother Earth is suffering due to irresponsible actions by human beings. We keep abusing her. She provides us with everything that is needed to sustain ourselves, unconditionally. The damage that we have caused to Mother Earth is beyond measure.

Erratic weather patterns, Global warming, pollution, and melting of polar ice caps are some examples of the results of our abusive behaviour. Extreme heat, wildfires and floods have affected millions of people and animal life. Our actions disrupt biodiversity. It is reported by the United Nations that the Earth is losing 4.7 million hectares of forest cover every year, an area larger than the nation of Denmark. As we all know, biodiversity makes it difficult for diseases causing pathogens to spread rapidly. Due to our irresponsible actions about 1 million animal and plant species are facing extinction, bringing down the biodiversity.

Invest in Mother Earth

Mother Earth is urging us to action. We should remember that we are the only custodians of planet Earth and have a responsibility to pass it on to the next generation for their living. We are living on borrowed resources from the future and act responsibly. We have a moral obligation to preserve the planet. Our conscious actions today will help us meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Instead of throwing away, there are so many ways to creatively repurpose items in our homes. For example, a used bed sheet could be made into a shopping bag. We should share our ideas with our friends and educate each other on sustainability. While industries and government are doing their best to ensure sustainable development, as individuals, let us pledge to make our planet cleaner and greener. Let us make a promise to ourselves to act sensibly and make conscious decisions. Let the 4Rs of green living namely, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover be our mantra.

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DEEPIKA Vijayaraghavan

9, Indian Education School, Kuwait, Kuwait

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