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Nobody knows where my tamarind stood

Just by a winding lane.

Each year it gave me fruit and shade,

And draw me to my home again.

            I loved to sit beneath her shady hands,

            And rest up for a while,

            To gare out upon the distant blue hills,

With laughter and smile

And now that I am back, I’m eager to find

My tamarind again.

I hasten down to that favourite spot,

I search…. Search in vain.

           Then I stop and stare; I stand quite still

            I listen to my heart

That magnificient tree, that was my life

Has just been ripped apart.

I turn to the hills, my eyes filled with tears

For sure I’ve lost my soul

Where once it stood tall, there’s nothing there now,

Merely an empty hole.


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Sparsh Barnwal

Grade 5, Navy Children School, Goa

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