My Expressions

Date : 18 May 2020

  • Educators Speak
  • Shivani Srivastava

No guests at home, but ‘hosting’,
I have a waiting room where guests are waiting.

Now I welcome them with Am I audible?
Oh! What fun, it’s incredible.

If my guest talks much,
I have access to mute.
I do this every day,
But no one calls me rude.

What fun, being a host,
On my wish invites, I post.

Now, the commands of the classroom change,
There is no ‘keep quiet’
Just mute with a click when I play, And things get right.

I am a housewife too, never was this ever before,
I set up meetings along doing my household chore.

I sit on a chair, for the whole day.
I get pissed off, but now it’s not the wrong way.

I am learning in LOCKDOWN,
cause learning never ends,
Nature taught me that there is nothing,
that can’t be mend.


Shivani Srivastava

Educator, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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