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Teaching profession builds every other profession

Teachers are our only visual source of knowledge

While growing up the only person we tend to respect after our parents are our teachers. Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. A teacher’s role in our life is very important as they are the only visual source of knowledge for us. They impart good values in children and turn them into responsible citizens. A teacher takes a lot of effort and hard work to sacrifice themselves for their children.

Teachers’ Day is important for students as well as children

To promote the values and principles of a true teacher,   teacher’s day is celebrated. Every country celebrates teacher’s day on different dates. India celebrates teacher’s day on 5th September. It is the birth anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. He was a great philosopher and a great teacher. It was his wish that his birthday to be celebrated as teacher’s day.

Some teachers are really special for me

From my LKG class teacher Mrs. Carol Bond to my present 8th standard class teacher Mrs. Shakila Ma’am, there are many teachers who played a vital role in my student life. They all are very inspiring, motivating and caring. They care like a mother and stand by side like a friend and spend all their time in moulding us with wisdom and maturity. As a student, it is our responsibility to respect our teachers.

Do you know the full form of a teacher?

T – Tireless

E – Efficient

A – Affectionate

C – Caring

H – Hardworking

E – Energetic

R – Role Model

In this auspicious occasion, I wish to all my teachers with wholeheartedly a very Happy Teacher’s Day!

Sona Subin 


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Sona Subin


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