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Thank you, Ma’am, for showing that a smile can change everything!

To Deepa Ma’am

On this occasion of Teacher’s Day, I wish to thank you for all that you have done for me. 

My first day at a new school

It was just another day for all the kids but not for me. I had changed schools and it was my first day. I was frightened, worried and missing my old friends too. I entered my class filled with unknown faces and unrecognizable voices. Still gloomy, I made my way to one empty chair wondering “what’s next”.

Then you came in, with a big bright smile and cheerful voice.  You called out my name and introduced me to the class. Nothing seemed new anymore.

New Life at the new school

I looked forward to your class each day. I made friends and it all returned to a new normal school life.

I loved your classes, filled with jokes, riddles and funny drawings.

Math was not scary anymore because it was all riddles. I love solving riddles. Science was never boring because you made us fill our books with colored pictures.

You never got irritated when we asked questions a zillionth time. 

Thank you Ma’am for showing that a smile can change everything.

I love to smile a lot now. I make friends easily that way.

Thank you for showing that learning can be fun. I love to learn new topics each day.

Wherever I am, I would always carry you in my heart and prayers.

Love  and Happy Teachers’ Day!

Nikhil Mathew


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Nikhil Mathew

5, The Choice School, Tripunithara, Kerala

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