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The Creative Challenge By Curious Times is the biggest global creativity challenge, where more than 3000 students from over 1000 schools are expected to participate. It is their opportunity to showcase their special talent and creativity and get published in My Expressions, Curious Times Weekly Newspaper and The Curious Magazine.

Did you ever realise that there could be 7.9 billion skills on this blue planet? We all are creative and have unique skills. Our creativity builds every single day from an early age. It is just that we are never too sure or confident of our special talent. We all are specialists in some areas, developing in some others. But we promise to you that each one of us is hugely talented.

There is a lot of emphasis on the 21st Century Skills Among Children, which are very different from the 20th Century Skills your parents and teachers grew up with. Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration are the most important skills. These skills do not build overnight. We make many small and big efforts to build these skills over the years. Do you know, you have to be eternally Curious to build these skills. All activities on Curious Times are directed towards bringing these skills among children. We aim to showcase your creativity, and critical thinking to the world to build your confidence.

The Creative Challenge By Curious Times is bringing opportunities to children to participate and create their digital footprint.

The Creative Challenge By Curious Times’ Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who can participate?
    Any student up to the age of 18 years can participate.

  • Is there a Registration Fee?
    Normally such events are paid. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, Curious Times would not be charging any registration fee for this event. Register Here.

  • When is the event?
    Any student, can at any time, can participate on Curious Times. However, The Creative Challenge By Curious Times will be opened on 21st June and will be available till 23rd June.

    1. 21 June: Performing Arts. Do you like to sing, play some instrument, dance, mimic, tell stories, do a Ted Style talk? Share your short video, not more than 120 seconds. The size of the video cannot exceed 25 MB. In case you are not able to upload your video for any reason and if the size is exceeding 25MB, you can share the link of YouTube upload on the text box of the submission form. We will use the same for our evaluation.
    2. 22 June: Art. What is your favorite art style – Traditional Art, Sketches, Craft, Zentangle, Doodle. Use pens, crayons, pencils, paints and brushes? Use white paper to make this piece of art. Do not use ruled sheets. Make sure you click a bright picture to upload.
    3. 23 June: Creative Writing. Poetry, Limericks, Acrostics, Sonnets – whatever is your style. Do you read books, watch movies, play games? Write a review in an interesting way. And do you love to write articles, essays, stories, fables? We have got you covered. 100 to 1000 words are good. Do not upload sheets. Type your content in the text box. Give a nice title. Add an appropriate image (optional).

      All entries with plagiarised content will be disqualified.

  • How can we participate in The Creative Challenge?
    1. You have to be a member of Curious Times. Login and participate on this link: ME – My Expressions.
    2. If you are new to Curious Times, register for FREE on this Link: Join Us and participate on ME – My Expressions

  • How can we participate in The Creative Challenge?
    The challenge will be evaluated basis the below four levels:
  • Level 1 – Foundational Grade (Upto Grade 2)
  • Level 2 – Preparatory Grade (Grade 3 to 5)
  • Level 3 – Middle Grade (Grade 6 to 8)
  • Level 4 – Secondary Grade (Grade 9 and upwards)
  • Will I receive a certificate?:
    All participants will be eligible to receive a certificate of participation. Outstanding Contributors will receive “Honour of Outstanding Performance”. A virtual ceremony will be organised in the month of July 2021. All certificates will be digital.
    Please make sure that SPELLINGS OF NAME AND SCHOOL ARE CORRECT. Curious Times will change the certificates after those have been issued.

Other Rules

  1. All submitted entries will be moderated for content and language appropriateness.
  2. Please do not submit the same entry more than once, it would be considered spamming and will be disqualified.
  3. Please do not submit more than two entries for an event. It would be considered spamming and would be disqualified. e.g under Performing Arts, a maximum of two different entries, one for dance and one for mimic can be presented.
  4. Publishing of the entries is based on Curious Times Editorial Decision and discretion.
  5. You will receive an email from Curious Times, once your entry is published.
  6. Certificates for participation, outstanding performance and awards will be given in July. The decision of the Jury will be final and binding.

Special considerations

We believe in healthy participation. Special consideration will be given to the students, who also provide appreciating remarks to other participants.

The jury will also look into the special remarks and appreciation received by participants from other members. These include non-participating members also. If your teachers, schools, families or friends want to send comments, they have to log in/ sign-up to give their remarks.


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Keep watching out this space for more details on The Creative Challenge By Curious Times. You, your family and schools can follow our social handles and messaging groups to stay posted.

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Telegram: Curious Times Channel

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All the best for the event! Start NOW!

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