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The Dawn Of A New Nation

The Dawn Of A New Nation

Out of the night that covers us,
Under the dust of a chained people.
That dying ember of a nation once strong,
Now fanned and fuelled by the voice of one.

One individual, one idea, one hope, and a single voice.
The pummeling of oppression now made null
By the shield of unity amongst many hearts .
Unity, honesty, respect, and hope now a shield from hurt.

That ember fanned, into a raging storm, of voices heard,
A storm that now takes over all, renewing and purifying.
Lighting the generation with a burning need… A desire,
A hope, And a Cause, now the reason to take back!
Take back what was stolen, take back what was rightfully ours, the right to freedom!!

To lay waste to the shackles of oppression and let rise a new unified nation.