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The Great Aim of Education is Not Knowledge but Action

She was just like every other girl with rather undistinguished looks, but there was something that made Laxmi different from others. Her greatest ambition of life was to ‘make a difference’. And for once, she would even gather the courage to make a decision that could bring a huge change in her life but then again her courage would falter away, thinking how would others react. Laxmi was a fairly good student, who thought the amount of knowledge she gained was more important than her grades. She was always keen for more knowledge. She had understood, at a very tender age that without education one is as good as dead.
And this perspective accounted for her wanting that every child on the planet should be educated, because she felt that if the majority is educated, the toxic minds of the toxic people will not be able spread their poison to others. She felt that this would ultimately lead to the wellbeing of the world, its people and countries. She felt that with  detoxifyed minds, there wouldn’t be any wars and crimes. The earth would prosper.
All these thoughts continued to inspire Laxmi even after five years. And this time she had an unwavering desire and determination to make a difference. She knew that she needs to ‘be the change in order to see the change.’
So she started teaching the poor kids who could not afford to go to school, she started cleaning her locality on a weekly basis and banned the use of plastic in her house. Beginning with these small steps soon Laxmi had opened 50 schools in her state that taught the children who could not afford go to school, free of cost. She was now an active environmentalist as well. This was however a very small change she brought to the world but still she knew ‘great changes are the result of the small changes that indeed come into being with small steps.’

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Comments: 1
  1. roynivedita says:

    We all have a Laxmi, awaiting to unfurl, the wings of change.. such a simple but strong message..! Great one

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