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The Greatest Joys in Life


The greatest joys in life
Are bought with anything but a price
It didn’t cost me to put on a smile
Nor it did cost you to walk an extra mile

I didn’t pay for those moments where I’ve felt numb
But neither did I pay for when In the darkness I could finally see the sun
Oh, these fragile promises that shattered into uncountable parts
But were you there till the end? Or were you laughing at me from the start

No, that didn’t cost a penny, in fact my own tears
In this world where i’m armored with a cardboard, they are hunting with spears
May this maddening life keep you busy, but no so much that it makes you crazy
So much so, that you forget it was all to be queasy

When you donate your money, don’t forget it paid for a life
But when you visit a patient, it doesn’t cost you for a smile.
The greatest joys in life won’t be bought with a price.
But to give the joys for a penny or for free, is your own choice.

– Dhrumi Anklesaria

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