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Image depicting The Leaf Lover Car

The Leaf Lover Car

Image depicting The Leaf Lover Car

The Leaf Lover Car

This is the eco friendly car which I have designed. Since it is a car which is close to nature, I have designed it in the shape of a leaf. The doors are shaped like flowers. This car can produce oxygen instead of carbon dioxide so that it will not pollute the air, but instead it will freshen up the air.

The body of the car is made out of recycled steel. The interiors of the car is made of bamboo fibre and windows are made out of recycled plastic. The car has a container at top that is used to hold soil and grow plants. It will be used to produce extra oxygen and can absorb more and more carbon dioxide.

It also has two bamboo pipes that can spray water to hydrate the already existing plants on the way. This car is very alert and it can sense the plants on the way and will not, accidentally drive on the plants.

The Leaf Lover Car by Rudransh Pillai

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Rudransh Pillai

4, The Choice School, Kochi, Kochi, Kerala

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