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The need for Security on your devices

Cyber Security is a very necessary thing to note on your devices.

There are many notorious people who will try to hack your computer or phone by means of making you download things onto your device. Do not fall for them, some things that you download can infect your device with viruses and when it’s too late, you can do little to get it back to normal. If you don’t know if you should download the thing or not, you should download it and immediately run a virus scan to know if it is a threat or not, if it has detected a threat, delete the app then and there.

I can give a few tips to keep your device at maximum performance. On a PC, you should download “Antivirus software”, here are 5 of them for you. McAfee, Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and AVG. These help protect your phone and notify you if it has detected a threat or virus. These are a great help to those of you who have no idea what to do. If you regularly do virus scans and clean your device, I can tell you that your phone or computer will be in optimum performance.

Online games are not a bad thing as long as you know not to trust people you don’t know. If you are playing with a real friend and you know it is him or her, that is great. I myself play online games and I have loads of friends who play the same thing. One online gaming platform is Roblox, it has millions of different games on it, you can even create your own games. So I hope this is helpful for all of you and I enjoyed writing this too.


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Asher Fernandez

Grade 7, Navy Children School, Kochi, Kerala

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