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The Noise Witchery

I fear the noise witchery
It caused me hazardous injury
It has a deadly mystery
And a tragic history

I was sitting at the shore
Enjoying the sunrise, not fretting about anything
reading a book from nearby book store
That is my regular primary chore

I suddenly found an immense pain
My hearing sense began to drain
My t-shirt’s collar had many bloodstains
It was the noise of cars and trains

I was very sensitive from childhood
the loud noise was no-good
I was always be misunderstood
No one was there to serve the brotherhood

I crave the quiet times
When I could enjoy the windchimes
Nature would always harmonize rhymes
And I was distant from the noise crimes

Now, Noise is everything I can hear
Loud and intrusive, I began to fear
I try to hide in the house’s rear
This is how I grieve in the entire year

At times I can faintly hear my own voice
I have to shout I have to shriek
It only destroys
And everyone enjoys

Everywhere I go, The noise hunt me down
In rooms, buildings, cities, and towns
deserts, lakes, treetops, and hills down
This clown is the reason for my breakdown

Noise is Torture,
it gives you tears
Music is Melody,
A reward to ears.

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9, DLDAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh

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