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The Power to Make the Change

We have the power to make the change,
But we put ourselves in a cage,
In front of our screens all day,
Why are we this way? 

We react to all the crazes,
The Internet, a world of endless mazes, 
We let our lives be wasted, 
Why did we let them get tainted? 

We can leave a mark on this Earth,
A footprint in the dirt, 
But we’d rather see the memes, 
And videos and snaps and tweets. 

We could stop that terrible war,
The rape of our daughters and the pain, 
The abuse that we don’t face  
but others do from a cane. 

We could even save a life,
A precious innocent life, 
But we’d rather look away, 
When we see all the wicked rotten strife.

I know Insta can be funny, 
You can even get some money, 
You get hearts and “friends”, 
The joy seems like it has no ends. 

But come into the real world,
One with sorrow and hurtful words, 
We have the power to make a change,
But we’d much rather escape.


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Jiya Elizabeth Jikku

9, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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